The Perfect Mark

That was not good.

The boy selling cold drinks was by far the best part of the episode, maybe because the actor didn’t have to struggle with any of the clunky and exposition-heavy dialog, or try to out-emote the overbearing score.

Worst part of the episode, worse than the misuse of Elias, worse than the resolution of the Laskey storyline and worse than the way Carter got the clue about Quinn, was Root calling the Machine mother, even jokingly. Ewww.


Mors Praematura

Well, the episode kept my attention all the way through, and there were several small parts of it I liked, but as a whole it wasn’t very good.

I liked Root and Shaw teaming up, but wish there had been more of them, and was disappointed by the ending.

Carter and Laskey’s plot was way too rushed. Not as bad as “surprise, I knew you were HR all along”, but it still felt like there’s an exciting story there we just aren’t being shown.

The number was nice enough, but I cared a lot less about his story than about Root, and by the time the plots melded together it felt like a choppy, unengaging mess.

I don’t know if it was just my mood while watching it, but it seemed like there was more tiresome explaining for obvious things (like the voice over explaining why Sloane thought it was odd his brother’s computer equipment was gone, or the portrait of the dead hoarder lady Sloane and Harold are talking about) and not much explanation for the larger plot things that made no sense.

While I’m glad Mr. Collier is back as a recurring villain, I didn’t want it to be this unsatisfying, and Mr. Collier that unambiguously evil and wrong.


Fixes for the recent Tumblr updates

If your browser isn’t supported by xkit, but you can install userscripts, I recommend Tumblr Search Tweak, Tumblr tags open in same tab, and Give us Our Dash Tags: restore tumblr tags to dashboard.


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Everyone, we’re delighted to show off a feature that we’ve been hard at work on for the last few months and badly addicted to for the last few weeks.

Please link to the /tagged/tag view in the search box drop down.


I am already very tired of having to type in the tags I want to browse in the URL. I don’t mind the new search being a browser-crashing pile of useless tiled photos from popular or promoted users posted within the last two days, since no one is forcing me to use it.

But I’m annoyed and inconvenienced by not being able to start typing in a tag in the search box and browsing it with a quick click on an auto-completing drop down menu.


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Lurving is real now, you can’t deny it no more.

Congrats on the new name. It looks so good on you I couldn’t even see what was new at first.

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